Sud Tirol Golf District

In Alto Adige/Südtirol you can find the charm of little towns between ancient and modern times or that sense of freedom and quiet that only little towns in the mountain can give. For lovers of snow sports there are 30 touristic resorts on the whole territory. This land lays on the southern side of the Alps and contains all the characters of a mountainous territory with the mild weather of a valley. Südtirol offers many natural monuments such as the pyramids of Plata and Renon. The Alp of Siusi is the widest highland of Europe (57 sq. km) The towns of Alto Adige are often made of groups of “masi” around a church. The medieval streets in the old towns are dispersed with museums, but it is also pleasing a trip about the typical shops, tasting confectioneries and wines. The wine & food offer of Alto Adige is very varied: from speck to spätzle and knödel, and many meat dishes.
Bozen is the main city of Südtirol and its cultural and political centre. Here Italian and German culture melt, as it is evident in the architectural works. The second town of this land is Merano, already celebrated in the last century as wellness town and characterised by the Liberty style. Here Elisabeth of Austria, renowned as Sissi, used to go for long walks.
A travel through Alto Adige means enjoying excellent winter sport facilities, but also diving into the mounts atmosphere of a land rich in tradition, intact nature and fascinating human landscapes, together with the excellent facilities of a land tied up with the culture of middle Europe.

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